Monday, 2 February 2009


I just thought I would express how happy I am! Yesterday and last night saw quite a bit of snow fall in the south east of the UK and because of this none of the trains or buses are working so the University was forced to cancel their exams! Yay! Now I can spend today doing something more productive than sitting in a hall for three hours writing about Pavlov's dogs. I do think its a bit crazy what a bit of snow can do. Other countries that see regular, heavy snow continue as normal and life goes on. But here in the UK not even 5 inches of snow causes all London airports to close, loads of flights cancelled, lots of major motorways closed, trains and buses not working and a host of other problems. So what should I do today? First I want to take a walk down to the seafront and take some pictures of the snowed beaches. I'll put them up once I get them uploaded. But for now I am going to kick back, make some nice wintery comfort food and enjoy the chaos!

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