Friday, 20 February 2009


Its been a week or two since my last update! There is a bad stomach virus going around which I caught over the weekend so that was my Saturday training out of the window. I havnt been sick like that for a while! Couldn't hold any food or water down and was continously throwing up. Eventually also got a bad fever. Thankfully Rach was around to take care of me...must suck to be sick by yourself! I even went to the hospital but, the UK health system being what it is, they reccomended an anti sickness medicine I could have bought without a prescription! Well I am much better now and training is back on track. Slowly I am managing to tap a few blue belts and only get tapped by the purple belts now. Must mean I am improving slightly!

Life is very hectic at the moment. University is very busy with many deadlines and assignments to do. I'm not very motivated to do any of it but its the last push before I finish so might as well put in the effort and get a decent mark. When I finish university I want to travel a bit before doing my masters, maybe a nice long training holiday to Brazil? :) That would be a nice holiday indeed!

The Bristol Open is in one week now. I still need to loose two kilos! I'm running in the morning on an empty stomach and doing light weight circuits. Also only having carbs with breakfast. This week I should be training everyday. That combined with my restricted calories and extra exercise should shed some extra weight. One week left then its crunch time!

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