Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Well the weather cleared up quite nicely. The news predicted snow storms and blizzards but it turned out to be blue skies and sunshine! Maybe I should become a weather man... My exams got cancelled because of the snow so they will probably be rescheduled for next week some time. Good thing too cause I could use some more revision time!

Today I went down to Adam's gym to help my instructor, Tolly, with a private class he was teaching. The guy who was doing the private is a nice guy who has been training for around 7 weeks now. The thing is he only does privates! It seems he doesnt want to roll with other people cause he doesnt feel ready yet. But Tolly convinced him to have a few rolls with me at the end of their private this week and I think he had several epiphanies. One was that fitness plays a huge part when you actually spar with someone! He was still trying to go all out for the whole round, ending up with him gasing less than 2 minutes into it. Eventually he calmed down a little bit and started using his strength when he needed it and relxing a little bit when he had a dominant position. Another thing that he realised is that he needs to actually roll with people to practice all the moves he is learning. It really opened his eyes to how complex BJJ can really be and how it is more similar to a chess game than a arm wrestling match! Got me thinking too about my gameplan. Hopefully he will start coming to one of the other classes so he can try his skills against a wider variety of people. Tolly asked me to help out on Thursday as well so hopefully that will give him some incentive. I kept my game at around 50% and focused on positioning instead of submissions. He is quite stronger than me so its good for me as it allows me to work on controlled a larger opponent.

After the private session I went home and went to the cinema with my girlfriend to see Underworld... what a kick ass movie! Definitely better than the first two with loads of action and a semi decent plot line. These kind of films always bring up the dilema of whether I would rather be a lycan or vampire. Brute strength and being able to walk in day light or superhuman skills and lots of kinky bondage sex? I cant decide! Definietly in my top twenty best films I reckon. When we got home I was still feeling like some training so I went down to the gym to do a weights session. Did a slight variation of the '300' workout and have to say it was quite effective! also took a few snaps of the gym:

25 pull ups
50 deadlifts with 60kg
50 push ups
50 box jumps
50 leg raises
50 reverse crunches
50 kettle bell clean and press
25 pull ups

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