Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Roller Coasters, Drugs and Sex Toys

Hello again! Yes, its been a while, and YES, I know I said that not too long ago!

Life has been 'interesting'. And I use the word 'interesting' in the same way a seatbeat-less roller coaster ride while tripping balls on LSD on a full stomach of very questionable McDonalds may leave you feeling 'interesting'. Thats if you don't drown in a puddle of your own vomit completely naked, save for a sex toy jammed up your rear end and a noose around your neck. Oh no wait - thats CNN's Richard Quest!

Fine fine, I know thats not everyone's definition of 'interesting', and many of you may question my ability to use the English language, but sometimes you have to get scared, hurt and a bit busted up, because the alternative is life on the bumper karts! And that is just a bit too safe, and 'uninteresting'.

Again, I can feel your virtual eyebrows being raised, so let me elaborate. Sometimes, when you're hurtling along the roller coaster of life clinging on with white knuckled fingers, you fail to just look around and enjoy the view. And fine, an adrenaline pumping ride on a rickety roller coaster might not be the best comparison to life, but thats why I'm not a professional writer (oh wait, I am...damn). The point I was TRYING to make before you scoffed at your laptop screen at the readability of this rapidly de-evolving post, was that sometimes you're going to get hurt, but it beats not risking anything and missing out on the thrills life has to offer! Thoroughly confused now? Excellent, let's move onto jiujitsu before you all delete me from your blog rolls!

Last month, after some hard training, Alliance Bahrain travelled to the UAE to fight at the renowned ADCC in the Abu Dhabi Asian Supercup. It was my first competition at blue belt level, and after more than a year off the competition mats, it was well needed! Stepping on the mats, that familiar feeling of 'calm before the storm' overcame me, and I rehearsed for the last time my game plan.

And then my brain decided that it wanted to have some sort of adrenaline-induced rave. Long story short, the same feelings that you get on that very first competition came rushing back. It had been too long. The mat-rust was BAD! I wasnt overtly dissapointed though, as I won my first three fights in the under 76kg gi class, and won two fights in the blue belt absolute. Yes, at the time I was angry with myself, as it had seemed that all that hard training was for nothing, but, as it goes with competitions, I eventually saw it for what it was: a good effort for my first blue belt competition. Looking back, I'm not 100% happy with how it went, but I know what I need to work on and I am sure the next one will go better.

Post competition, I decided to do a bit of travelling and explored a little bit of the UAE before jetting off to Italy for the holidays and some snow boarding fun! Its been a good month since any serious training took place, but no biggie. I feel amped to get back to training, hit the gym and get my diet back on track. The fridge is stocked, the gis are washed and the mats are calling. Now its just up to me to get on with it!

Oh, and my laptop is about as useless as a blind guide dog, so there will be no spell checking tonight! Till next time!