Sunday, 15 November 2009

De La Riva Sweep 1

I have decided I want to continue to work on my deep half guard, as if I can get it to a competitive level in a school where deep half guard is the speciality, then it will be pretty hard to beat against people who have only come across it a couple times. So thats what I 'should' do. But I am going to do what I want to do and also work on the de la riva! These two positions seem to go hand in hand quite well and I think I should be able to drill them together quite nicely. Here are a few cool sweeps I found courtisy of


1: De la Riva has Boca in the open guard with both feet on his hips controlling both his sleeves with his hands.

2: De la Riva shifts his hips over to one side to hook his foot behind Boca’s knee on the inside of the thigh.

3: He places his other foot on Boca’s knee and grabs his far sleeve with both hands…

4: …straightens his hooking leg, pushes on Boca’s knee with the other foot and pulls on his sleeve to get the sweep.

5: De la Riva swims under Boca’s armpit with his far arm and switches his hip to disengage his legs…

6: …and slides his hip out to gain cross side

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