Wednesday, 1 July 2009

BJJ British Open 2009 Videos

There are a few videos around of the British Open and I managed to find a couple of my fights! I had 5 fights on the day and am not too sure of the order of the videos but here are two videos:

This fight was a hard one! I tried passing his guard a couple times but got stuck in half guard. Then my opponent got a nice double leg take down and I knew I had to start doing some serious BJJ if I wanted to win. Still, managed to pull off two take downs or one take down and a guard pass - not sure how they awarded the points as the board at the end said 3-2 to me? Not sure what happened there! :)

The second fight video is quite boring to be honest - I was waiting for him to pull guard but it took a while. I nearly got a take down but I didnt have his trouser leg secured properly and he managed to hop his way across the whole matted area and back again! Ended up going straight to side control, then north-south and finally a choke to finish it.

Hopefully a few more of my fights will come up on as its great seeing what mistakes I made and what I need to work on. One obvious areas is takedowns - I really need to work on this!

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