Thursday, 29 January 2009


The purpose of this blog is to primarily keep track of new BJJ moves and tactics I come across in my training. I will also talk about goings on in my life and general things that I want to mention and talk about. Right now I am in my third year of university in the UK at Brighton. Most of my family live in the middle east and Italy so I tend to travel quite alot and my training takes place under several different schools. So why set up a blog? When I started training, I was happy to learn the moves and try not to get submitted too often. Now that my game has progressed and I am thinking more about my game plan, I find myself easily forgetting moves. Good moves! Moves that I like and work for me! So I'm going to be writing about moves that fit my developing style and any other training ramblings that are going on. It will be very nice to keep this going for a while and be able to look back at my progress! Right now I'v been training BJJ for around 6 months, with a couple extra months prior to that in a bit of grappling and no gi. My current schools are Reza's martial art center in Bahrain and BTT Europe in the UK.

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